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Choosing a Boardbag


Choosing the right Boardbag

The type of board bag you want will depend on what you will be using it for. We'll look at what is best for day to day use, storage and also travel. Make sure you get the right board bag and your board will remain ding free. At Surfing Hardware we sell three different types of Surfboard Bags - the Day Bag, the Travel Bag and the Multi-board bag. When buying a bag for a wide fish or twinney etc you may need a bag made bespoke to the board – Fish Bag. However, most board bags allow a couple of inches in length extra than stated. I.e. Bulldog board bags allow more room to fit than Creatures.

Standard Boardbags

Standard board bags can be split into two types, Travel and Day Bags. Travel Bags are thicker for the travelling surfer and offer a greater level of protection. Day Bags are for general day to day use and home board storage. Board bag’s come in different shapes for the different surfboard shapes – make sure you remember this when buying your bag.


Day Boardbags

Day Bags have a lightweight waterproof or semi waterproof covering, are closed at the nose end of the bag and zip up at the tail end of the board. The most lightweight (and the cheapest) bags do not have any additional padding for board protection. A slightly more protected board bag will have a 5mm high density foam padding to cover the board.




  • Used for one board at a time
  • Offers basic protection
  • Handy for day to day use
  • Good for short distance board transportation


Travel Boardbags

Constructed for the travelling surfer. The Travel Bag has more padding than the Day Bag and as a result offers more protection. A decent travel bag should have at least a 10mm high density padding layer. This type of board bag is often constructed to fit more than one board. Some bags are built for up to 4 boards (like the Creatures bags on our site) and are referred to as coffin bags. Some even have wheels which are great for those long airport walks.



  • Option for Single or Multiple Board Bags
  • 5mm to 10mm+ foam protection for extra ding resistance!
  • Essential for the travelling surfer, transporting a board or long term storage
  • Some have wheels to aid with transport



Some Key Pointers in choosing your new bag.



  • Check Extra Nose & Rail Protection
  • Padded Carry Strap or Handle
  • Check Thickness of padding for your requirements
  • Wetsuit Storage Pocket
  • Check for Corrosion Resistant Zippers
  • Make sure you choose the right size!!!