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Wetsuit Care & Cleaning

Cleaning your wetsuit after use will help to prolong its life and performance. If you don't rinse off the salty sea water from your wetsuit after surfing, tiny salt particles, grit and sand will be left on your suit. This will hinder the flexibility and performance of your suit, erode stitching and lead to corrosion and failure of zippers as well as making your wetsuit uncomfortable to wear and unpleasant to smell!

To clean your suit simply hand wash in cool or warm water with McNett wetsuit shampoo using a kneading motion, thoroughly rinse in fresh water and allow to drip dry out of the sun.

We all know how cold it can be at times and the last thing you want to do when you get out of the water is take off your suit slowly! But the thing you must not do is force it off and tread or stand on it. If you abuse your wetsuit in this way it may void your warranty. A way to avoid this is to stand on a towel when taking off the suit or you can get yourself a wetsuit-changing mat.