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Mini-Mals And Fun Boards

Mini Mals and fun boards are aptly named because they allow the rider to focus on the purest goal of surfing which is having fun! The outline is basically an overgrown egg which is why some shapers call their funboard designs eggs. This type of board incorporates all the elements of modern surfboard design including moderate rocker and standard rail shape.
Mini Mals and funboards often use thruster fin set ups and their ample volume and length allow the rider to paddle, catch waves, and turn effortlessly. Most shapers and surf instructors will agree that for average surfers, mini mals and funboards provide the best of both worlds: the paddling power of a longboard and the turning ability of a shortboard all blended into one.
The design works well in small to medium size surf; however, funboards loose their charm in large surf. This design is a great all around board that works well for all surfers but is best suited to the beginner or the rider making a step down in length from a longboard towards a shortboard.