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Repairing a Snapped Board

  1. Read this guide on how to repair a snapped surfboard:
  2. Gather your tools and materials: resin and hardener, fiberglass cloth, tape, plastic gloves, squeegee, acetone, mixing cup, mixing sticks, filler, sander (flat or disc), scissors, 4 wood splints 20” long 1“x 2”, paint brush, saw horse or equivalent.

  3. Preparation: both broken ends must be cleaned free of dirt wax and moisture. Place the largest section horizontally and attach the four splints with masking tape – two on the top and two on the bottom. Position each splint half way over the break and space each about 12 to 14 inches apart. The splints will guide and hold the broken pieces while being tacked together (Note: the splints might need to be wedged to match the surfboard’s rocker).

  4. Apply: mix enough filler to tack the boards together filling any voids. With the splints attached to the largest section, place board vertical, apply filler resin and slide into the broken piece. If possible keep the board vertical while drying.

  5. When dry, remove the splints and place the board horizontal. The second application will be filling the open cracks on both sides. Fill all cracks even with the surface and apply a cover sheet if possible. If any sections of cloth are torn off, take this time to replace them.

  6. After both sides are filled, rough sand surface flat and prepare four pieces of cloth – two bottom layers 6 to 8 inches wide overlapping the rails and two top layers 10 to 12 inches wide overlapping the bottom layer and both rails.

  7. Prepare enough laminating resin to coat one side at a time using a paint brush or squeegee. Work out all excess resin and let each side dry before repeating on opposite sides. Upon completion of laminations brush on a coat of sanding resin and refer to information on fin replacement and repair for sanding instructions.