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Waxing a Surfboard

All surfers will want to wax the deck of their surfboard for traction, trying to ride an unwaxed is no fun! As you'll see on our surf wax product pages manufacturers produce wax in varying degrees of hard/softness, softer wax is for use in colder water while a harder wax would be used in warmer conditions - the harder the wax the higher it's melting point.

Many surfers will apply a harder warm water wax to a new board as a base coat and then apply a softer cool or cold water wax on top of this as conditions dictate, however you should avoid applying a hard wax ontop of a softer one as the soft wax underneath will melt and your board will end up offering little grip, so if after a winter of UK surfing you're heading of to warmer climates you'll need to clean the old wax off your board with a combe or wax tool and a product such as Pickle Wax Remover before applying a harder wax.

Here are some tips from Mr Zog, the daddy of surfboard wax, on how to wax a new surfboard.